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I am a Certified Professional Coach working at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. Previsouly I worked in the marketing and communications business for over twenty years, the last fifteen for Omnicom, the world's leading holding company of Marketing Services firms.  

I work with hundreds of colleagues and clients around the world and have realised how important it is for us all to stop for a second, remind ourselves why we do what we do and think about ways to ensure that we can maintain high levels of performance and impact over a sustained period of time. 

And I guarantee you this. Things need to change. Gone are the days of getting everything done by focusing on time management. I could clear an entire week in your calendar but, if you don't have the energy to use that time effectively, then what is its value?

I have chosen to focus on supporting colleagues and clients with Human Performance coaching and consulting for how to reprioritise their focus on managing energy, not time, to build sustainable levels of high performance. This is the secret to success.


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July 9, 2019

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